Monthly Update – June 2018


I hope everyone is doing well. Summer is in full swing here at the Peel house – the air is hot and muggy and everyone is outside swimming while I am sitting in front of a computer screen. This isn’t a complaint, it’s just a simple fact of life (okay… maybe it is a little bit of a complaint).

Ranger’s Oath officially launched fifteen days ago, giving me a good start to my author career. It has been met with mostly positive reviews, and I’ve even managed to sell a handful of copies (yay me!). The first step we take is often the most important one, especially on such a long and ambitious journey, and I consider this the first major milestone. With persistence, hard work, and perhaps a little bit of luck, I hope to make a full-time living off my writing, enough to support me and my family.

Bringers of Doom, book 2 of the Arc of Radiance series, is now up for preorder on Amazon. Check it out here!

I’m still hard at work on book 5. Hopefully, I will have it done by next month. I am also hard at work outlining a two book series called Tears of Eternity, as well as a much larger series that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet. For now, I’ll just say that it is a much larger project than I have ever worked on before, and will likely be more than ten books long (80-100k words, epic fantasy).

In my personal life…

I’ve been enjoying spending time with my family. My two year old and I love wrestling each other, and my wife is due to have another little boy here in a couple of weeks. Exciting stuff, but also pretty stressful. We’ve mainly been trying to prepare ourself for the arrival of the new little tyrant… erm, baby.

In my (limited) free time, I managed to beat The Witcher 2 and have now moved on to The Witcher 3. This is a much larger game, and will probably take me the better part of the summer to complete. However, the story is excellent, and it gives me plenty of inspiration when working on my own fantasy worlds.

I’m almost done reading the second in Daniel Ford’s Paladin Trilogy, and am currently looking for a new series to dive into. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Other than that, not much more to report. The life of an entrepreneur can be exhausting, but it is definitely rewarding. When people read my work, it fills me with immense satisfaction. It is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my adult life.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support. You folks mean the world to me!!

Until next month,


Why Andrew Lincoln needs to play Lan in the Wheel of Time TV series.


Alright, before you say, “Really? The guy from the Walking Dead?” just hear me out…

Andrew Lincoln would make an incredible Lan. In fact, he is exactly who I pictured when I read the entire Wheel of Time series nearly four years ago. He is talented, rugged and experienced, and he knows exactly how popular these kinds of shows can be. Here are the reasons why I believe he would be the perfect candidate:

1. Looks

Andrew Lincoln has “the look”. Now, I’m not talking about the indescribable quality that makes someone look like an actor – I mean that he bears an uncanny resemblance to the character himself. Just take a look at these two photos side by side:

Lan is described as tall, lean, and wolf-like in appearance, with an angular face and dark hair tinged with grey. Lincoln is about the same age as Lan is in the books, and he has proven that he can pull off the ‘tough yet stoic’ archetype of an aging warrior.

Not only that, but Lincoln is British, which means he can naturally speak like a denizen of the Middle Ages (unlike some actors… *cough cough Kevin Costner*).

2. Experience

Long-running tv shows are not new to Lincoln. The Walking Dead just finished its 8th season, and as the show’s leading actor (and with the success of fantasy series’ like Game of Thrones), he understands how lucrative this market can be.

Even though he may be looking to get into a medium other than tv (theatre, voice acting, or even the big screen), a fantasy epic like The Wheel of Time may just be enticing enough for him to sign a contract.

Besides, this would be a no-brainer for the casting team. Lincoln would bring with him a legion of fans that could help bolster the show’s ratings.

3. Looking for a change

This one is by far the most important reason on this list.

Recently, news broke that Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead after the next season, stepping away from the role as Rick Grimes to search for other opportunities. Coincidentally, The Wheel of Time tv series has found a distributor (Amazon) and is actively being plotted for a first season.

The timing is perfect. Just as he exits one iconic tv series, he could step right into another, taking on a new role and an entirely new character in what is sure to be an incredible successful new show…

This sort of thing is extremely important, especially for a brand new series. The nature of the industry is fickle – if it doesn’t come out with a bang, it has a very real chance of being canceled.

I believe that Andrew Lincoln would be a slam dunk – not only for the character of Lan Mandragoran, but for The Wheel of Time series as a whole.

I’d love to hear what you think! Comment below, or give me a shoutout on social media.


Monthly Update – May 2018

Greetings from humid Tennessee!

I’ve decided to start doing monthly updates to give everyone an idea of what I’ve been up to. I’ll include things like writing updates, book information, personal thoughts, what’s going on in my life, video games I’m playing, movies/shows I’m watching, etc.

First thing’s first…


Sorry about that. <takes a deep breath>

I’m super excited because this is the debut of my first full-length novel. It’s been about a year in the making (much longer if you include all the dreaming and practice writing I’ve done over the years), and it represents a significant milestone/personal achievement. Not to overhype it, but I am *very* stoked about this. I see it as the first official step in my career as an author, as well as the first paid title in my backlist. For those interested, you can find a synopsis of Ranger’s Oath here. Notice that this link is also my Amazon pre-order page 😉

As far as writing updates go, I seem to be moving at a pretty decent pace. Books 1-4 of the Arc of Radiance series are already written, and I am working on the final volume (Book 5) right now. I currently have some pretty awesome things in the works, but I’m not quite ready to unveil what I have planned. Suffice it to say, I plan on moving away from the YA genre (not forever, though) and into the epic fantasy genre. Be on the lookout for information about a new upcoming series in the next couple of months.

In other news

Things in my personal life are going well 🙂 my wife is about to have our second child, and my son just discovered How to Train Your Dragon. Dragons are kind of his new thing, which I’m totally cool with, since dragons are a central part of nerd culture. Just a few more years, and I’ll be able to start indoctrinating him with Harry Potter novels and hack & slash video games.

Speaking of video games… lately I’ve been playing The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. I know, I know, I’m a little late to the game (pun intended), but in my defense, my video game time has been severely limited since becoming a full-fledged adult. Anywho, this game is AWESOME. Top-notch story telling and super fun action. I love RPGs, and this one is no exception. Makes me extremely excited to play the next game in the series.

Aside from that, not really much is going on. Most of my time is spent working and writing novels, with family and leisure time squeezed somewhere in the mix. Lately I’ve been reading the Paladin Trilogy by Daniel M. Ford. It’s a really interesting story with a unique take on spirituality and religion. Highly recommended.

Please shoot me an email at if you have any questions, or would like to receive an ARC copy of Ranger’s Oath. I’m always looking to grow my ARC team and my beta readers.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


April Update!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update…

I’m still plugging along on the Arc of Radiance series. Book 4 is almost done, just a few chapters to go, then it’s on to the fifth (and final) volume of the series. Excited to wrap this thing up! I have some really cool things in the works, but more on that later. For now, expect Ranger’s Oath to launch early summer.

Right now, I am offering one of my older novellas, Cycle of Blades, for free on Instafreebie. Here is the link to claim a copy:

Other than that, I’m still working hard to bring my stories to life. Until next time…


Still pressing forward…

Hello everyone!

Its been a couple months since I last updated my blog – sorry about that! Things have been rather busy with the holidays and with work, but needless to say I have not stopped writing!

Arc of Radiance book 3 has been completed! It is now off to my beta readers and will be edited over the next few weeks. I have begun the process of outlining book 4 and am also working on an anthology of short stories set in another world.

“Ranger’s Oath” is still set for release in the spring/early summer of this year. Once I start hitting publish, you can expect a book out every month or two 🙂

2018 is going to be an excellent year for me in my author career – one might even call it my “breakout” year. With any luck, I will be able to generate enough sales over the next year or two to start writing full time. Once that happens, things will really start shifting into high gear!

My family is doing well, and my wife is actually pregnant with our second child. Huzzah! Very exited about that. We find out the gender next week, and baby is due right about the time “Ranger’s Oath” will be released.

Like I said, exciting things happening 🙂

I will try to do better about blogging over the course of 2018. For those who care, I will include updates about my personal life/family in addition to news about my books. As always, if you have any questions or thoughts (or would like to be included in my mailing list), please shoot me a message. I’m always happy to speak with readers.

In the meantime, I’ll keep pressing forward.

Be on the lookout for cool updates on upcoming projects on my social media profiles 🙂




Hello everyone,

It’s been a couple of months since my last post, but rest assured that I have not stopped writing. Book 2 of the Arc of Radiance series is complete and in the editing process, and I have finished rewriting much of Ranger’s Oath. We’re right on track for a Spring 2018 release 🙂

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). My project for this month is Arc of Radiance Book 3 – which will be title War Echoes. I’m already on chapter 4, and moving full speed ahead. It should be finished before the year is over. If you would like to track my progress, I will be giving daily word count updates on Twitter and Facebook, so follow me! Other than that, I will be developing my marketing plan and outlining my next series, a steam punk epic fantasy tentatively titled Nightblade.

Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s positive reviews and constructive feedback that keeps me going 🙂

Anyway, onward and upward. Until next time…


Update 9/14/2017

Hello everyone!
Sorry that it’s taken me so long to post on here. It’s been a crazy couple of months.

I want to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to:

No, I have not published Ranger’s Oath. I know… I know… I said that I was going to over the summer. Sorry about that. I’ve decided to change my strategy, and my overall approach when it comes to publishing books. In an effort to make sure that my books do as well as possible, I plan on writing the entire “Arc of Radiance” series before publishing a single book. Why? Because of the nature of the business.

Self-publishing is an extremely competitive world, one that is over-saturated (especially in my genres) and rife with strong competitors. A new author needs every advantage he can get to stand out from the pack. Amazon tends to reward authors who can churn out books quickly (there’s this thing called the ’30-day Cliff’) by placing them higher in their search results, much like using SEO to rank higher in Google. Since I am not a particularly fast writer, I want to make sure I have the whole series done so I can publish them in quick succession – I plan on releasing one a month (roughly). This will ensure that my books are being promoted by Amazon for 5-6 months straight!

Right now, I plan on releasing the series in Spring 2018. Sorry! I know it’s a long ways away, but if you’re really that upset about it, send me an email and I’ll make you one of my beta readers 😊

This weekend, I plan on finishing Book 2, which is titled Bringers of Doom. After that, I plan on diving right into Book 3, which is tentatively titled War Echoes. Remember, this is a five book series, so if I keep up my normal pace, I should be finishing Book 5 around March/April of next year. Also, the Ranger’s Oath cover has been completed, but I am only showing it to my beta readers. So, if you want to see it, you’re going to have to email me to be added to the group.

There are a lot of exciting things going on, and I am excited to finally start getting my work out there for the world to see. Please, if you have any thoughts/questions, comment below or send me a message. I LOVE hearing from people.

As always, I am hard at work trying to bring these stories to life. I have a long backlog of books that I want to write, and hopefully one day I can make that my full-time job. Until then, I will continue doing my best to pump out stories as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading and supporting me!