Ranger's Oath Cover

Ranger’s OathArc of Radiance Book 1

Owyn is a ranger’s apprentice. Zara is a mage’s ward. Both hold the fate of the world in their hands.

The Arc of Radiance has stood for a thousand years, protecting what’s left of the world from an ancient evil. But when demons begin to break through the magical barrier, Owyn and Zara become involved in a war that has lasted millennia.

If they can convince their people that the threat is real, then perhaps they can survive. If not, then the Eleven Hells will be unleashed upon the world of men…

The first installment of a thrilling young adult epic fantasy series, launching June 1st, 2018. Buy it now on Amazon!


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Bringers of Doom Cover

Bringers of Doom – Arc of Radiance Book 2

The battle for Forest Hill is over. The war for Tarsynium has just begun.

With the defeat of Moloch in the Emberwood, Owyn and Zara must travel to the capital city of Tarsys to warn the Conclave about the demonic threat. But they soon realize that they have enemies inside the Arc of Radiance as well.

Secret plots and knives in the darkness threaten to overthrow the kingdom itself. If Owyn and Zara fail in unmasking the enemy, then the Bringers of Doom will usher in a second cataclysm upon the realm of men.

The epic sequel to the first book in the series, Ranger’s Oath! Buy it now on Amazon!


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War Echoes

War Echoes – Arc of Radiance Book 3

The Arc of Radiance is failing, and the kingdom must unite if it is going to survive…

Owyn and Zara, both serving the interests of their orders, reunite to find themselves in the service of the king himself. However, not everything is as it seems in the royal palace.

Dunmar City, the hidden stronghold of the Nightingales, awaits them as they attempt to broker peace. The survival of the human race depends on their success – if they fail, the civil war will be but an echo of what is to come…

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Exiled – Arc of Radiance Book 4

War has torn Tarsynium in half. The true war, though, is just on the horizon.

After the defeat of the king’s army at Dunmar City, Elias and the others manage to convince the Nightingales to sue for peace. However, political intrigue leads Owyn and Zara to suffer a punishment reserved for only the vilest of criminals: exile.

In order to survive the wastes beyond the Arc of Radiance, they must rely on each other’s strengths. They soon learn that the gravest threat lies not in the elements, but in the encroaching demon armies that are drawing ever nearer…

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