Tears of Eternity

The return of dragons precedes the end of all things…

The Tears of Eternity are ancient and magical jewels. They imprison a powerful evil, preventing it from returning to the mortal realm. But when nefarious forces begin gathering the Tears, those sworn to protect Thel’Varden are forced into action.

Three unlikely heroes must band together to prevent total disaster: a renowned assassin from the south, a young sorceress from the east, and a hardened warrior from the north. They must put aside their differences and learn to fight as one. Only then can they stop the return of the legendary dragon, Draxxes the Defiant…

Based on the greatest roleplaying game of all time, Dungeons and Dragons.


This omnibus edition includes:

  • A special forward by the author.
  • Tales of Eternity – a collection of related short stories set in the fantasy world of Thel’Varden.
  • Tears of Eternity – an epic fantasy novel continuing the story set up in Tales of Eternity.