About me?

That’s sort of an open-ended question, isn’t it?

Well, for starters, I love all things fantasy. Always have. Books, video games, movies, TV… If it’s epic fantasy, high fantasy, heroic fantasy, dark fantasy, light-hearted fantasy, or any other kind of fantasy – chances are I’ll like it. I have a special place in my heart for Science Fiction as well, but I wouldn’t consider it my forte.

I grew up in Southern California, in a small desert town most people have never heard of. I spent my early days swimming, surfing, hiking and camping – and when I wasn’t outside, I was enjoying the Nintendo or playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. Most of the time, though, was spent inside my own head. I’ve created worlds and spun stories ever since I was a kid, reading every single fantasy book I could get my hands on. For as long as I can remember, authors have inspired me. The works of Tolkien, Weis, Hickman, Salvatore, Brooks, Rowling, Feist, Sanderson and many others shaped my imagination. I’m not really sure when it all started, but I think a part of me always knew that I wanted to be an author.

What am I up to now, you ask? Great question.

Nowadays, I live in Tennessee with my amazing wife and two boys, figuring out this whole ‘adult’ thing one day at a time. I write fantasy novels in my off-hours, giving life to the stories bouncing around in my brain, and still enjoy the occasional book or video game when time permits.

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to message me at I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!