GameLit Epic Fantasy

On Frostworld, only the strong survive…

Jarl Beckström dreams of one day becoming a great warrior. Sadly, he had the misfortune of being lowborn—classless, unable to level up. He lives the mundane life of a poor mud-farmer, subjected to the whims of the infamous battleborn and the magical fireborn. But legend says that deeds of great courage can change a person’s class…

When the Clan Lord’s son unexpectedly disappears, Jarl sees an opportunity to prove himself a hero and rise above the lowly station of his birth. He goes against the traditions of his people to seek his destiny… and possibly even his death.

However, dark things stir in the frozen wilderness.

A star has fallen from the heavens and the dead have begun to rise. While clanholds struggle in eternal conflict and powerful men vie for control, only an ambitious mud-farmer and his domineering sister can shed light on the true enemy: the monstrous, undead draugr…

Don’t miss the start of an epic GameLit/LitRPG adventure with a Viking and Norse Mythology twist. It’s perfect for fans of Unsouled, Iron Prince, and Sufficiently Advanced Magic.

To weather the coming storm, you cannot stand alone…

Jarl Beckström has done the impossible. He has changed his class, leveled up, and joined the most elite warband in Norvaask. But in the aftermath of the battle with the draugr, chaos reigns. The Clan Lord has been usurped by his own brother, and the clanhold’s armies have been all but devastated.

Leadership is needed now more than ever.

A change in fortune places Jarl in a position of power, and he struggles beneath the weight of his newfound responsibly. Freya, on the other hand, now finds herself enslaved to the Spear Maiden, the infamous war leader from Jotungard, and wrestles with the fact that she may never be a fireborn again.

Meanwhile, darkness continues to spread. The legions of the undead are growing, and if left unchecked, they will consume the whole of Njordrassil like a plague.

Blood feuds must be ended. Alliances must be forged. The people must fight together or die alone. But can a mud farmer-turned-battleborn unite them?

Only time will tell.

Experience the sequel to the epic GameLit/LitRPG adventure: Ice & Blood. Perfect for fans of Unsouled, Iron Prince, and Sufficiently Advanced Magic.

In the land of the dead, no man is king…

Jarl Beckström, Clan Lord of Norvaask, has done the impossible. With the help of his friends, he forged an alliance with Jotungard—their bitterest rival—and installed a new ruler upon the throne. Now he turns his focus inward to strengthen his people for the impending war.

But as they prepare, the world crumbles down around them.

The Freeze is looming, and entire clanholds are being destroyed. With every warrior that falls in battle, the undead horde only grows stronger. They’re spreading westward like an unstoppable plague.

Time is running out.

Meanwhile, Freya Beckström has escaped captivity and found an unlikely mentor—Hjalmar, the Old Man of the Tundra. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover an ancient weapon, something they hope will be strong enough to defeat Siryyx the Devourer once and for all.

Hope rests in unity. Only by setting aside their blood feud can the people of Norvaask survive total annihilation.

Don’t miss the epic conclusion to this GameLit/LitRPG Viking Series. Perfect for fans of Unsouled, Iron Prince, and Sufficiently Advanced Magic.