Hello everyone,

It’s been a couple of months since my last post, but rest assured that I have not stopped writing. Book 2 of the Arc of Radiance series is complete and in the editing process, and I have finished rewriting much of Ranger’s Oath. We’re right on track for a Spring 2018 release 🙂

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). My project for this month is Arc of Radiance Book 3 – which will be title War Echoes. I’m already on chapter 4, and moving full speed ahead. It should be finished before the year is over. If you would like to track my progress, I will be giving daily word count updates on Twitter and Facebook, so follow me! Other than that, I will be developing my marketing plan and outlining my next series, a steam punk epic fantasy tentatively titled Nightblade.

Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s positive reviews and constructive feedback that keeps me going 🙂

Anyway, onward and upward. Until next time…


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