Monthly Update – September 2018

Another month, another update.

War Echoes, Arc of Radiance book 3, launched this week on Amazon to a handful of positive reviews. It’s always fun seeing a new book go live – I love getting feedback when people read my stories. It still amazes me that anyone would want to read about the worlds I’ve created in my head. It is one of the most humbling things about being a writer. Exiled, book 4 in the series, is now available for preorder. Like the other books, you can grab it for 99 cents, but come November 1st, the price will jump up to $2.99. Secure your copy by clicking this link!

With Arc of Radiance in my rear view mirror, I have begun working on several new projects. I’ve mentioned some of these on my blog, and I look forward to begin the beta reading phase. The first is a two book story arc titled Tears of Eternity, and will launch in early 2019. It is loosely based on Dungeons & Dragons, and takes place in a campaign setting I created for me and my friends. I wanted to write about a group of adventurers that included three main archetypes: the fighter, the mage, and the rogue. As stated previously, the first book will be a collection of short stories and the second will be full-length adventure.

In addition to the Tears of Eternity series, I am also working on a much larger, much more ambitious story. It is called The Living Worlds, and it is an epic fantasy series involving up to (and possibly exceeding) 20 books. I’ll be posting more about these in the future, along with cover reveals and detailed descriptions of the lore. More to follow 🙂

In other, less literary news, my wife and I have just started watching a new show on Netflix called “The Dragon Price”. It is reminiscent of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and it is actually really good. Excellent writing and really cool animation. What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything fantasy.

Not much else to report. I’m hard at work trying to bring my stories to life. Please, if you haven’t yet, leave a review for my books. Your feedback is invaluable to making me a better writer. Plus, your kind words can buoy up my spirits when I’m having a rough day.

Until next time,


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