Updates on self-publishing

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but don’t worry! I promise that I haven’t slacked off in my writing. There have been some developments, however…

So, first thing’s first: I’ve decided to shelve “The Edge of Light and Shadows” for now. The decision was not an easy one for me, but I’m positive that it was the right one. For one thing, I think I was being a little overzealous in diving into such a large project having never finished a full novel before. After outlining it, it was going to be well over 200,000 words (my previous projects never even broke 20k). Second, I recently read a book by Chris Fox titled “Six Figure Author” that talked about using data to sell books online. In the book, he mentioned that the ideal formula for selling books on Amazon involves pumping out a book every few months. Needless to say the book inspired me. I wanted to publish on Amazon and build an entrepreneurial author platform from scratch.

I took a week off and cooked up a new world, a new plot, and a new outline, and I feel like I had a stroke of genius (or, at the very least, a mild stroke of inspiration). I came up with an idea for a story I call “Ranger’s Oath”. It is going to be a series of fantasy novels ranging between 60-80k, and it will follow a ranger’s apprentice and a mage-in-training who uncover a plot that could destroy the last surviving kingdom of mankind.

The best part? I’m almost halfway done with my new book. In only two and a half weeks! I plan on also writing a prequel novella before I release. So after editing and setting everything up, you can expect a release by May 2017.

I’m going to get back to work.


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