Five great resources for new authors!

Hi friends,

In my relentless quest to do research on what will make my writing career a reality, I have discovered that many resources exist out there to help indie authors break out and be successful. This is going to be a short post, so I’ll just go ahead and get to it:

  • The Writing Excuses Podcast: hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and Mary Robinette Kowal. 15 minute episodes that help to teach writers how to improve their writing and find success in their careers (heavy emphasis on traditional publishing).
  • The Creative Writing Career Podcast:  hosted by Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson. This one is quickly becoming my all-time favorite, simply because the focus seems to be on indie authors rather than traditionally published ones. This podcast is laden with good information on exactly how to sell your book, and how to break out as a self-pub author.
  • Kindlepreneur: This website is an awesome resource if you want to learn about marketing your books. The emphasis (made obvious by the title) is on publishing with Amazon and how to sell books in the Kindle marketplace.
  • KDP Rocket: This is a cool little website that lets you search for key words in Amazon’s search engines. The idea is for authors to be able to write to market by searching for those keywords (and niche markets) that will result in higher book sales and SEO placement in Amazon. Just so you know, the service itself is not free.
  • Six Figure Author: I know that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of books out there that claim to have the secret formula to help writers become successful, but “Six Figure Author” by fellow indie author Chris Fox really inspired me. In the book he goes over how to use data science to sell books, which is a key part of being successful in this day and age.

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