Frostworld Book 2: HONOR & IRON, is officially live on Amazon! Thank you to everyone for pre-purchasing the sequel and for those of you who’ve already left reviews. It’s fun to see this series come to life. It’s been rattling around in my head for years at this point, and I’m glad to see that it’s finally in the hands (and pockets) of readers.

Right now, HONOR & IRON is available in ebook and paperback. The audiobook will be available on September 21st. I’ve had an opportunity to listen to a preview of the audiobook, and once again, Neil Hellegers knocked it out of the park.

With the release of Book 2, I’ve been able to review the feedback for the series thus far. I’m happy to report that people seem to be enjoying the story! Here are just a few of the positive reactions I’ve seen:

“Good stuff. I really enjoyed Peel’s Fall of Radiance and this was just as good. An interesting world with gamelit elements. A true epic fantasy.” — Troy Osgood, author of Sky Realms Online, Jeff the Game Master

“One of the Best Fantasy LitRPG books of 2021” — Jas P, Audible Reviewer

“This was a great game lit progression novel with a Norse twist. Very evocative with robust characters. Looking forward to the next one” — Michael L, Amazon Reviewer

“This book is incredibly and passionately character motivation driven and it’s wonderful. I have a hard time thinking of another prominent character in a series that I’ve pulled for so much (positively or negatively) since Paul Atreides.” — LK, Amazon Reviewer

I’m humbled by the positive reviews. Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me on this author journey.

FROSTWORLD Book 3 is written and is currently with the editor. As fun as it’s been to write, I’m looking forward to closing out this trilogy. Book 3 releases on December 14th, concluding the Frostworld saga.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!


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