Important Update On My Books

Hi friends,

I wanted to post a rather important update about my books.

First of all, apologies for not posting on here very often. Between work, writing, editing, and everything in between, I find little time to update my blog. Nevertheless, I’m committed to keeping you in the loop and will try hard to establish a regular cadence moving forward.

I’ve told a few readers about this already, but here is the official announcement: I am going to be published by Aethon Books, a press dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy and supported by some of the most talented writers in the industry. You can read all about them here. I am extremely excited about this new development, and see this as a milestone in my journey as a fiction author.

Many of you may have noticed that my books are no longer available on Amazon. This is because Aethon is going to republish my Arc of Radiance series (under the new title Fall of Radiance), in addition to publishing my Frostworld epic fantasy series I mentioned before. These books will be given a nice facelift (desperately needed, as these were the first books I’ve ever written), and will also be re-releasing with a killer audiobook version. More details to come on that later 🙂

I apologize if the absence of the Arc of Radiance books on Amazon has caused anyone distress. Please email me at if you have a concern.

Again, I’m extremely excited about my new partnership with Aethon, particularly because they are experts on the audio side of things. I’ve been looking to create audiobooks for my work for some time, and now, with their help, I will be able to offer this new digital format to my readers.

Thanks for everything you do to support me. You are the reason why I write down the crazy stories inside my head. Your reviews, encouragement, and words of support keep me going whenever life gets me down.

Here’s to an exciting future. Until next time,


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