Quick Update

Hi everybody!

Just a quick update – my writing progress has been sure and steady. Book 1 of “Arc of Radiance” is completed and undergoing final revisions and I am almost done outlining Book 2. Be on the lookout for launch updates soon! 😊

Additionally, I have written a couple of novellas that will be launching concurrently with Book 1. The first is a prequel that takes place in the same universe as “Arc of Radiance”. This I will offer free to all my subscribers. The second is a short story about an assassin called “Cycle of Blades”. It is written in a group with a bunch of other authors called “The Assassins Collective”. It’s a cool little story, and I evourage everyone to check it out! For the first week or two it will be free, so there ya go 🙂

Anyways, sorry for the radio silence recently. I’ve been hard at work trying to produce these novels, and I’m excited to finally break out onto the indie author scene.

More details coming soon!


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