Shadowbinder Book I writing underway!

For those few people who visit my website, you may have noticed that I have moved the progress bar for Shadowbinder Book I from “Outlining 99%” to “Draft One 1%”! I’m just finishing up the prologue now, and it’s feeling pretty damn good. I’ve written several novellas and short stories, but this is the firstContinue reading “Shadowbinder Book I writing underway!”

Metallum 42: A Short Story

Metallum 42 A Short Story Blake Arthur Peel Ship Log 001 – EST 2:25 am | Aug 26, 2038 <start transmission> I’ve heard it said that space is the “final frontier”. Well, after countless days living up here and dealing with one disaster after another, I can confidently tell you one thing. The frontier sucks. My nameContinue reading “Metallum 42: A Short Story”

Self Publishing: The Entrepreneur Within All of Us

The more I think about it, the more I realize that being an independent or self-pub author (or whatever you want to call it) means that you are a writer first and an entrepreneur second. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean that writing a book and putting your name out there essentiallyContinue reading “Self Publishing: The Entrepreneur Within All of Us”

Writing Schedule: Finding time to write with a family and a full-time job

The Key to Becoming a Successful Writer If successful authors like Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson have taught me anything, it is that the key to becoming a successful writer is (drumroll please….) to write. Gasp! Surprising, I know. The more you write the better you become, and the better you become the more likelyContinue reading “Writing Schedule: Finding time to write with a family and a full-time job”