Why Andrew Lincoln needs to play Lan in the Wheel of Time TV series.


Alright, before you say, “Really? The guy from the Walking Dead?” just hear me out…

Andrew Lincoln would make an incredible Lan. In fact, he is exactly who I pictured when I read the entire Wheel of Time series nearly four years ago. He is talented, rugged and experienced, and he knows exactly how popular these kinds of shows can be. Here are the reasons why I believe he would be the perfect candidate:

1. Looks

Andrew Lincoln has “the look”. Now, I’m not talking about the indescribable quality that makes someone look like an actor – I mean that he bears an uncanny resemblance to the character himself. Just take a look at these two photos side by side:

Lan is described as tall, lean, and wolf-like in appearance, with an angular face and dark hair tinged with grey. Lincoln is about the same age as Lan is in the books, and he has proven that he can pull off the ‘tough yet stoic’ archetype of an aging warrior.

Not only that, but Lincoln is British, which means he can naturally speak like a denizen of the Middle Ages (unlike some actors… *cough cough Kevin Costner*).

2. Experience

Long-running tv shows are not new to Lincoln. The Walking Dead just finished its 8th season, and as the show’s leading actor (and with the success of fantasy series’ like Game of Thrones), he understands how lucrative this market can be.

Even though he may be looking to get into a medium other than tv (theatre, voice acting, or even the big screen), a fantasy epic like The Wheel of Time may just be enticing enough for him to sign a contract.

Besides, this would be a no-brainer for the casting team. Lincoln would bring with him a legion of fans that could help bolster the show’s ratings.

3. Looking for a change

This one is by far the most important reason on this list.

Recently, news broke that Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead after the next season, stepping away from the role as Rick Grimes to search for other opportunities. Coincidentally, The Wheel of Time tv series has found a distributor (Amazon) and is actively being plotted for a first season.

The timing is perfect. Just as he exits one iconic tv series, he could step right into another, taking on a new role and an entirely new character in what is sure to be an incredible successful new show…

This sort of thing is extremely important, especially for a brand new series. The nature of the industry is fickle – if it doesn’t come out with a bang, it has a very real chance of being canceled.

I believe that Andrew Lincoln would be a slam dunk – not only for the character of Lan Mandragoran, but for The Wheel of Time series as a whole.

I’d love to hear what you think! Comment below, or give me a shoutout on social media.


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